Okay lovers here are my top three picks for wines at Valentines (without breaking the bank). The candles are lit -the table is set- dinner is in the oven

(or you have Uber Eats on speed-dial) Here we go…

Prosecco Rose

Before dinner start with some bubbly…some pink bubbly. I recommend Bottega Prosecco Rose Brut -Strawberry, Raspberry nose with a crisp citrus finish.

Just enough to get you just a little bit silly.


Shrimp Cocktail, Oysters or Smoked Salmon as an appetizer?

Pair it up with a luscious New World Viognier -an exotic grape variety traditionally planted in the Rhone Valley. Tropical, rich with a lovely orange apricot zing

Beaujolais St Amour

Veal chop, Roast chicken or Steak? Match it with a Cru Beaujolais from St Amour-red berries, plums, cherries and a distinctive Burgundian earthiness.

(And bonus points for the irony.)

Finish him or her or it off with the rest of the bubbly! Good luck with that…

Bottega Prosecco Rose Brut (Italy)

LCBO 277202 $15.00

McManus Viognier California

LCBO 658112 $19.95

Baptiste & Laurent Le Meilleurs des 2 Mondes

St Amour Beaujolais France

LCBO 566449 $ 19.95