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Think Pink

Rosé wine is finally having Its’ “IT” Moment.

Long denigrated as a less serious manifestation of the vine,

Serious wine consumers are finally relaxing with an admission that pink wine is worthy of serious recognition and of celebration.

In France (the unofficial world Headquarters for this genre) Rosé wine now outsells white wine.

The colour of wine is determined by how long the crushed grapes have been in contact with their skins during fermentation. For Rosé wine skin contact with red grapes can be as little as 2 hours and up to four days. The longer the juice soaks with the skins the darker the colour.

An interesting aside-Pinot Grigio is actually a red grape that produces white wine (no skin contact).

The go-to role model for the production of great Rosé wines is in Provence and The Cotes du Rhone region in southern France.

The Appellation of Tavel is the most famous.

Grown on sandy soil it has a clear ruby colour with intense flavours of red fruits and a subtle minerality. The grapes used are Grenache Syrah and Clairette. There are many styles of Rosè but this is my favourite.

I love the dry raspy raspberry flavour and the crisp finish.

There is nothing more refreshing on a hot summer’s day.

Rosé as a food wine is incredibly versatile but to my mind it is the ultimate BBQ wine.

On Thursday June 14th join us at Fellinis for a Rosè tasting matched with some delicious tapas from our kitchen.

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